About The Module

Krinkle Pipeline Geohazard Tracker® is a comprehensive mobile app (iOS & Android) and reporting tool that allows inspectors to easily record, manage and report on pipeline geohazard inspection projects for gas & liquids.

Krinkle Pipeline Geohazard Tracker® standardizes & simplifies inspections and geospatial data collection for projects like Gas Transmission Integrity Management Programs (IMP), whether on the right of ways, on access roads, or off-site. The module comes complete with all of the GPS data collection, tagged photos, and guided questions needed to complete detailed inspections of geohazards, all from your smartphone or tablet. These geohazards include avalanches, creeps, ground subsidences, falls, flow rotationals, sinkholes, spreads, topples, translations, and more. It is a comprehensive system that is easy to learn and use. For companies who want to quickly and thoroughly capture field-level data during pipeline geohazard inspections (even when they have no live connection to a network), track data from identification to verified repair, and even send that data to their GIS (or other) systems, Krinkle Pipeline Geohazard Tracker® is the perfect solution.

Run Standard & Custom Reports At The Touch Of A Button

Comprehensive Pipeline Geohazard Reporting

Krinkle Pipeline Geohazard Tracker® showcases multiple professional, client-facing reports, all of which can be run in Excel, Word, or PDF format at the touch of a button. Krinkle Pipeline Geohazard Tracker® makes sharing daily visit reports and comprehensive project reports with your customers a point of pride for you. With one click, the system can generate a thorough report, making it very easy for your clients (and you!) to see all pertinent data in the ongoing project, right down to the level of specific geohazards, GPS, date, and time-stamped images, GPS position, and all other relevant data collected during the inspection.

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Highly Visible Geospatial Data

Google Earth & ESRI Compatibility

Krinkle Pipeline Geohazard Tracker® is fully integrated with Google Earth, which allows users to easily and quickly create a geospatial view of all geohazards identified. The data can be saved as a file (.KMZ and .KML file formats) from our secure reporting portal and viewed on Google Earth. For ESRI users, the data can be easily converted to ESRI Shape Files with a few simple clicks using ESRI tools (which come with your ESRI suite).

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Comprehensive Proof-of-Work

Date, Time, and GPS Stamped Photos

Photos taken with Krinkle Pipeline Geohazard Tracker® are automatically stamped with the date, time, GPS position, project name, the photo user, measurement methods, and other "proof-of-work" or project critical data required for that specific geohazard or observation. Even drawing on the image (annotation) is supported. Incorporating this "proof-of-work" and annotated photos into your documentation illustrates that the process was conducted using a well-managed and rigorous approach to your clients (and government agencies that audit the data). This significantly strengthens their position in a legal review or governmental audit. While Krinkle Pipeline Geohazard Tracker® can collect your GPS location straight from your mobile device (iOS/Android), it can also allow you to capture external, high-precision GPS data for more accurate positioning of your observations on Google Earth and ESRI, if required.

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We Work The Way You Work

Non-Linear Data Capture

Krinkle Pipeline Geohazard Tracker® understands how real users work in the field. It guides Environmental Field Specialists step-by-step through their work, even when it occurs in an ever-changing order. While the system acts as a guided process for each concern it records, it does not limit its users by forcing them to locate concerns in any particular order. In other words, the workflow is effortless for the user if a user chooses to make all translation observations first and then make all ground subsidence observations or go back and forth between the two. The mobile app demonstrates incredible flexibility by allowing your crews to add geohazards being observed (like avalanches, subsidences, creeps, etc.) in the order that best matches their most efficient walk of the land. This drastically speeds up the data collection process and increases data accuracy while significantly reducing the burden.

A Complete, Yet Flexible, Package

Use as a Stand-Alone System or Integrate Into Your Existing Systems

Krinkle Pipeline Geohazard Tracker® stands independently and requires no other system to make your operation functional, reportable, and auditable. It can even be customized to drive final work and prove the repair was done right. Like all products from Krinkleapps.com, it can also be integrated with other systems if required due to its comprehensive RESTful APIs.

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Enterprise-Class Data Security

We know that the information collected within this industry is extremely sensitive and data security is a top priority. Krinkle Pipeline Geohazard Tracker® is extremely secure and our security practices have been implemented and tested for years. For those looking for more technical information, Krinkle uses SSL certificates signed with a 2048-bit RSA and hashed SHA-256. Additionally, Krinkle applications only communicate using newer secure TLS protocols with HSTS, and an AES-256 cipher suite. Data is fully encrypted on the local device, and in transit to the servers. The servers are secure at Amazon’s secure data centers behind their tightly managed firewalls.

Easy to Train, Learn and Deploy

Krinkle Pipeline Geohazard Tracker® is easily trained, learned and used by your employees and/or contractors. We include thorough initial training classes (they rarely exceed 90 minutes!) and ongoing user support in our pricing. The system even supports service companies that employ layers of subcontractors beneath them to support their ultimate client. The system’s flexibility to operate in many unique business models, no matter how distributed, is unrivaled.

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