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Krinkle Reclamation w/ Corrective Action Tracker is a comprehensive mobile app and reporting system for reclamation projects that require recommendations and corrective actions.

The module goes beyond the inspection and identification capability of Krinkle’s standard reclamation inspection module. The system tracks the entire life cycle of that project through specific observations with detailed supporting data, detailed recommendations and proof of final reclamation. Both modules (inspection and corrective action) are now present in the product suite, for users to choose from based on the needs of their individual reclamation projects.

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A Comprehensive Solution


For service companies who want to capture the entire revenue cycle associated with reclamation, well beyond the initial inspection, or for those oil and gas companies that want to do their own work without losing track of any step in the process, Krinkle Reclamation w/ Corrective Action Tracker is the perfect solution. The Reclamation w/ Corrective Action Tracker module comes complete with all of the dynamic forms necessary to make detailed observations of all relevant aspects of reclamation with corrective actions project. These include crops, forbs, native and non-native grasses, weeds, trash, equipment, surface material, and many more. It is a comprehensive system that is easy to learn and easy to use.

Drive Your Downstream Business

Tracking Recommendations

Recommendations made can be tagged by your environmentalists as in-scope and out-of-scope work so you can identify other opportunities for work that needs to be done, thus further driving your downstream reclamation business. Our highly detailed reports help keep these opportunities clear to you and visible to your client for quick decision-making. If you control the data and you are a service company, you are far more likely to win the additional business instead of forfeiting it to your competitors. If you are an oil and gas company and you control the data, you are far more likely to save money through efficiency and effortless audit preparation.

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A Guided Process From Start to Finish

Tracking Corrective Actions

Krinkle Reclamation w/ Corrective Action Tracker allows you to record corrective actions in high detail as well and guides its users to collect all of the required data for the specific item being observed. For example, when observing weeds, percent coverage of the land and GPS data/time stamped photos are collected. In addition, the recommendations are specific to weed removal, such as length and width of an area, temperature & wind speed at the time of the spray, total spray times, spray volumes per acre, etc. All supplementary data and photos necessary to ensure proof of work are always the next logical step, no matter what aspect of the land you are observing and reclaiming.

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Additionally, Krinkle Reclamation w/ Corrective Action Tracker makes it easy to record the time and materials used on each corrective action taken, simplifying the payment reimbursement and time-on-site calculation process. The mobile app even automatically calculates all necessary math for you (like area and volume) and all unit conversions (like °F to °C and Sq. Ft to Sq. m), allowing your environmental specialists to focus on their work without compromising the detail and accuracy of the data being collected. All calculated and converted math is shown in blue. See the image below.

Comprehensive Compliance Capabilities

Overcoming Today's Environmental Legal Risks with Cost-Effective, Rock-Solid Documentation

Krinkle Reclamation w/ Corrective Action Tracker intuitively guides environmental field specialists through making detailed observations, recommendations and then requires the user to document the details of their actual corrective actions. We call this “proof-of-work”.

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Our ultra-intuitive user interface design makes training quick, makes data entry quick and ultimately keeps your users deeply organized, connected to their data, and highly efficient. No one wants field employees to spend too much time documenting and yet they need excellent documentation for potential audits and legal protection. In the following images, note how color boxes are used to help the viewer know what they are looking at.

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Connecting Users with Their Data

Data at Your Fingertips

Data can be filtered to be shown at the touch of a button, and then quickly hidden once you have done your quick review. This helps keep the relevant data at your fingertips without cluttering your screen and distracting users from quickly completing their work.

The mobile app even tracks the completion status of recommendations and corrective actions and gives you an organized view of ongoing work in progress (WIP).

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When the actions are completed, it tags the user's name and the date/time, so that multiple users can work on the same recommendation but maintain accountability.

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Run Standard And Custom Reports At The Touch Of A Button

Advanced Reporting Capabilities

Krinkle Reclamation w/ Corrective Action Tracker includes an easy-to-read set of reports, which any report recipient would find complete and concise. They can even be customized with your company’s name and logo. Although custom reports are rarely needed in Krinkle’s products, they can be created quickly upon request. While the order of data collection can be unique for each unique inspector, our professional reporting system automatically organizes the data for consistent and easy viewing.

Click the button below to see a close-up example of the well-organized and easily viewed Reclamation Inspection report. If you would like to receive a full example of this report, press the contact us button below and request a full PDF copy in the comments section.

Download a Full Reclamation Report

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Reclamation w/ Corrective Actions Data is Integrated With the Daily Visit Record

The Daily Visit Record and Report

In addition to Krinkle Reclamation w/ Corrective Action Tracker's ability to guide and track the full history of an ongoing reclamation and corrective action project, your clients will also appreciate being kept up to date on work accomplished on each of your daily visits to their project sites. Our Daily Visit Record Form and the report it creates keeps them well informed in a highly professional and “proof-of-work” manner. Krinkle’s Daily Visit Record allows you to report your work each day, including travel times, times on-site, GPS, date and time stamped photos relevant to that day’s work, field notes, and recommendations. However, when your Daily Visit Record is referring to a reclamation project underway that day, Krinkle Reclamation w/ Corrective Action Tracker automatically fills in a section of that report with data collected on that day. In other words, a section of the overall reclamation with corrective actions project accomplished on that day is automatically placed into the Daily Visit Record report.

Click the button below to see a close-up example of the well-organized and easily viewed Daily Visit Record report. If you would like to receive a full example of this report, press the contact us button below and request a full PDF copy in the comments section.

Download Sample Report

We Work The Way You Work

Non-Linear Data Capture

Krinkle Reclamation w/ Corrective Action Tracker understands how real users work in the field. It guides environmental field specialists step-by-step through their work, even when their work occurs in an ever-changing order. While the system acts as a guided process for each individual concern it is recording, it does not limit its users by forcing them to locate concerns in any particular order. In other words, regardless of if a user chooses to make all crop observations first, and then make all surface material observations, or go back and forth between crop observations and surface material observations, the workflow is effortless for the user. The mobile app demonstrates incredible flexibility by allowing your crews to add concerns being observed (like crops, forbs, weeds, etc.) in the order that best matches their most efficient walk of the land. This drastically speeds up the documentation process and significantly reduces the data collection burden while increasing its accuracy. It also makes reporting a one-button-touch, easy task.

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Iron Clad Proof-of-Work

Date, Time and GPS Stamped Photos

Photos taken with Krinkle Reclamation w/ Corrective Action Tracker are automatically stamped with the date, time, GPS position, project name, the user taking the photo, the direction they’re facing, as well as any other “proof-of-work” or project critical data required for that specific concern, observation, or corrective action. Incorporating these proof-of-work photos into the documentation illustrates to your clients that the process was conducted using a high-quality and rigorous approach. This greatly strengthens their position in a legal review or government audit and this cannot be understated. While Krinkle Reclamation w/ Corrective Action Tracker can collect your GPS location straight from your mobile device (iOS/Android), it can also allow you to capture external, high precision GPS data for more accurate positioning of your observations on Google Earth and ESRI.

Highly Visible Geospatial Data

Google Earth & ESRI Compatibility

Krinkle Reclamation w/ Corrective Action Tracker is fully integrated with Google Earth, which allows users to easily and quickly create a geospatial view of all concerns identified as well as user work (such as “Work Crumbing“ and “Bread Crumbing”). The data can be saved as a file (.KMZ and .KML file formats) from our secure reporting portal and viewed on Google Earth. They can also be converted to ESRI Shape Files.

Click the image to see a close-up of what Google Earth looks like.

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A Complete, Yet Flexible, Package

Use as a Stand-Alone System or Integrate Into Your Existing Systems

Krinkle Reclamation w/ Corrective Action Tracker stands on its own and requires no other system to get your operation fully functional, reportable and auditable. Like all products from Krinkleapps.com, it can also be integrated with other systems if ever required, due to its comprehensive set of RESTful APIs.

Click the button below to learn more about our RESTful APIs.

Visit our API page

Enterprise-Class Data Security

We know that the information collected within this industry is extremely sensitive and data security is a top priority. Krinkle Reclamation w/ Corrective Action Tracker is extremely secure and our security practices have been implemented and tested for years. For those looking for more technical information, Krinkle uses SSL certificates signed with a 2048-bit RSA and hashed SHA-256. Additionally, Krinkle applications only communicate using newer secure TLS protocols with HSTS, and an AES-256 cipher suite. Data is fully encrypted on the local device, and in transit to the servers. The servers are secure at Amazon’s secure data centers behind their tightly managed firewalls.

Easy to Train, Learn and Deploy

Krinkle Reclamation w/ Corrective Action Tracker is easily trained, learned and used by your employees and/or contractors. We include thorough initial training classes (even though they rarely exceed 60-90 minutes!) and ongoing user support in our pricing. The system even supports service companies that employ layers of subcontractors beneath them to support their ultimate client. The system’s flexibility to operate in many unique business models, no matter how distributed, is unrivaled.

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